What Sets Us Apart

We take pride in our friendly, caring staff that will take care of you and make you feel welcome and comfortable. We are a professional dental practice. We keep up with the latest technologies and treatment options, while still retaining that human connection with our patients. We enjoy our work and develop lasting friendships that extend beyond the office. Each day is rewarding because of the interaction we have with our patients. We not only have the privilege of getting to know them, but we also get to provide exceptional dental care that makes lasting positive changes in their lives.

We look forward to coming into the practice each morning, knowing that we will see old friends and treat new patients who will become our friends.

We let our patients know about all of their options up front and in as much detail as each patient requires. We give estimates based on all our current knowledge of your insurance. If something changes, we inform the patient as soon as we know. All of our treatment plans include all options and we do everything in our control to avoid surprises, both with treatment and financially. During a patient's first visit to our office, our doctor always begin with a full and comprehensive exam. The doctor will go over current medical history, existing dental restorations, and the patient's current periodontal health. From there we customize a treatment plan that the patient understands and feels comfortable with. It's important for our patients to be fully educated about their dental options, and we never want our patients to feel rushed or to be afraid to ask questions.

Payment plans are offered for qualified patients through Care Credit and we participate with many insurance companies to offer you the best rates possible. We are a Primier provider for Delta Dental and Cigna DDPO and Total DDPO provider. For patients with no dental insurance, ask us about our in-office Healthy Teeth Plan!